Adjustments & Refurbishing
of Eyeglasses

Yes we do, we do not charge for this service but ask that you make a cash donation in our shop to Rainbow Resource Center if you are able. We have a jar that collects all donations and we match every dollar donated. Our suggestion is at least a $10 donation per pair of glasses adjusted, but it is up to you.

No, but we will try. There is no coming back from some breakages and others we can help. Best thing to do is bring in your glasses and let us look at them before you try to fix them at home. Side note: WE HATE CRAZY GLUE!!

In the case where a  repair isn’t possible we will give you all the tools you need to make an informed decision on how to best move forward with your broken frames.

The white stuff is called oxidation, it happens with our body oils, beauty products and the air. This is something we can polish off and get your frames looking new again.

It depends on the state of the frames. Each pair is assessed separately and depending on the overall condition and regular maintenance of the frame a charge may be applied. Starting at $35.00

Regularly! We want to see you and keep your frames looking and working well for you. The more we keep them in-line the longer they last. We say bumper seasons are a great time to visit us, spring and fall, but really anytime they start bugging you come in and we will be happy to tune them up.