The Story of G

Jessie and Bonni are cousins, and co-owners of G is for Glasses.

They opened G in 2014 with the intention of creating a welcoming, fun and inclusive environment in Winnipeg where people feel comfortable having their eyes examined and become genuinely excited about being bespectacled. 

At G is for Glasses you can expect distinctive eyewear, exceptional service, and outstanding, respectful patient care. We love playing glasses with humans in our little shop! 

Meet Team G

Dr. Jessie Fillmore

Optometrist, she/her

  • One half of the G is for Glasses dynamic duo
  • Chicago-educated eye enthusiast
  • Certified myope
  • Accomplished rainbow scooter driver
  • Saving eyes since 2009

Bonni O’Hara

Head Honcho, she/her

  • The other half of G is for Glasses dynamic duo
  • Almost Cool-Mom
  • Tragically lactose intolerant
  • Strongly encourages Canadian Tuxedos at black tie events
  • Fastest glue gun in the west

Ken Bond

Lens Specialist/Frame Bender, he/him

  • Ask him about his VR headset or wait 3 mins he will tell you
  • Way past his midlife crisis
  • Save water drink Coke Zero
  • Award winning Littlest Hobo fan fiction author
  • Local news critic

Aaron Hutton

Optician, he/him

  • Tap dancing descendant of Gene Kelly
  • Sourdough artisan bread sculptor
  • Proficient mower of the lawn
  • Strongly in favour of a male romper
  • Brushing up on his amateur curling skills

Mel Peter

Optometric Assistant, she/her

  • 306 for LIFE
  • Proud Plant Mama 
  • The next Food Network star
  • Likely found Kombucha brewing whilst camping
  • Puppy-induced's a thing

Dr. Jocelyn Radawiec

Optometrist, she/her

  • Eyeball degree in 2003
  • Urban Roadster - pedal power!
  • Just another day in pair-adise
  • Scored a 96% in Avoiding Cooking 101
  • Hobbies...who has time!?

Alyssa Bornn

Doer of the things, she/her

  • Multilingual eavesdropper.
  • Shift's over? Time to go bouldering.
  • Ask me about my cattle dog.
  • Art School graduate.
  • Award-winning garlic oil producer.